Why I buy wintertires

With my trusty truck I moved up to the North East after college. Living the most of my life in warmer climates, I really didn’t know that much about snow and driving in wintery weather. The first winter was very bad. To me a front wheel drive was more than enough to cope with normal situation, my truck did not have 4 wheel drive. In the first winter the case was different. I rented an apartment located on the top of a hill before the snow fall started.

On normal days getting out of the driveway and going in was not an issue. However, when the second snowfall started it became difficult to drive the truck. Coming out of the driveway was not a big problem. But coming up the driveway was a nightmare. I can’t count the times I get stuck trying to just get into the garage. The ice made the driveway an ice rink and it was especially slick at the top, just in front of the garage. At first I learned to get a running start and come up the driveway without stopping. I moved up without even getting stuck.The driveway became more and more packed with the advent of the severe winter days. My truck would also get stuck near the garage gate. At night I had to dig the truck to get inside.

Unsurprisingly my tires had worn down the tread by spring. There were a wide variety of tires available in the local tire shop. Being money conscious, I look for the best deal on all some season tires. The sales people told me that the all season tires are not perfect for driving in the snow. He suggested that I get a set of a performance tires for my truck driving through the summer and then switch to winter ones in the fall.

At first I thought he was trying to make me buy an extra set of tires. It was after some research I realized that smart drivers always keep two sets of tires to use during the summer and winter months respectively. In order to drive on dry roads the performance tires are considered to be the best. The winter tires have special treads that made driving so much easier but could be put easily lose their tread during the hot summer months. Switching back and forth will help you make the best bargain.

No other tire would perform better in winter than a set of Cooper winter tires. You will be able to save a lot of money this way. A single set of tire will not last longer when compared to two sets of tires. The shop also gave me information about the rebates available online. I started waiting to get another rebate in near future. The next year, I didn’t face any problem getting my car up to the driveway.

Additional information are about Cooper at http://www.tirerebateshq.com/r/cooper-tire-rebate/ or more about tire deals at http://www.tirerebateshq.com.

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