Why Paulownia Trees Are Valued

Paulownia trees are native to specific parts of Asia. The leaves have a heart like shape and its flowers have a purple color. They are known for their ability to grow fast. In some places they have been used for the production of timber, reforestation, and as an ornamental plant but other areas consider them to be an invasive species.

This species is popular because of its growth rate. When it is still maturing, it can grow more than fifteen feet in a year. It can grow in any type of soil except for those that do not drain water easily. It can grow even when there is little water and it will not be affected by air pollution levels.

This plant is grown for the timber it produces. The wood one can get from it is light and soft. It will not warp easily. Nails being driven to it will not split it easily so it can be made into furniture, containers, and other such products. It is also highly resistant to fire.

These properties has made its suitable for use in numerous types of products. It is used in making furniture, such as cabinets. Some have even started using it in surfboards. It is frequently utilized in making musical instruments. In fact, it is even used in electric guitars. Its wood is not strong enough for some purposes but it is still a valued commodity.

Though the plant is hardy, it is also susceptible to strong winds. The branches can break off or droop because of this element. It bores a fruit which contains a lot of seeds and this has led to worries about its invasiveness. They must not be planted near concrete structures because the roots can cause damage.

The plant is being used for timber because its rapid growth means it can be harvested much faster than other varieties. Plantations find them economical because if the roots are allowed to remain after harvest, it can regenerate into a new plant. There are now a number of countries that have used these species to reforest their lands.

Their uses does not stop with reforestation. They can also be an alternative source for energy. They are even used for the production of paper pulp. Using them in plantations can help reduce destruction in forests. Where there are no longer trees, they can be planted so that within years, the area can be reclaimed.

They are also highly valued because they can be used for ornamental purposes. The purple blooms can be an attraction once the plant is fully grown. Homeowners will not only enjoy its beauty, they will also be enjoying the shade it provides. Because it grows fast, they will not have to wait a long time to enjoy these benefits.

Paulownia trees are species that offer a lot of uses. Their ability to grow fast makes them ideal for those who want their wood. The wood in turn can be used for many things like furniture, musical instruments, ands so on. The plant has also been found useful for those who want to restore depleted forests.

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