Work-at-Home Opportunities–Yes, No, or Maybe?

by Bob Matthews

Have you ever though about leaving your 9-to-5 job to work from the comforts of your own home? It can be a rewarding switch, but what would you be leaving behind?

Think of it: The long hours. Your overbearing boss. And the coworker who drives you batty.

And then there is always the pay. It serves as a constant negative reminder in your life. “No, I can’t afford it now–no to the electric razor I want, no to the swimming pool the kids want, and no to our anniversary trip to Tahiti. No, no, no!”

Plus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll always have this blessed job either. So why don’t you look for something better?

“It’s an income.”

In other words, it’s safe–safer than the alternative of the unknown. But just because something is familiar doesn’t mean that it will always be there for you. Life is not certain. Change happens. The question remains, “What are you going to do about it?”

“But what if I fail?” You ask. “What if I loose everything I have? I can’t accept failure–I can’t.”

So you don’t.

But what happens when you DO loose your job? Where will you turn? You’ll have no other source of income, and that is risky.

So for a minute now separate yourself from your emotions. See your situation as it really is–not the way you “feel” it to be–as if you were analyzing your friend’s dilemma and informing him what to do.

You’d probably tell yourself something like, “How will you find something better if you don’t look?” Or “Maybe you’d be pretty good at that sort of thing. Remember Trish from Dayton? Well, she’s woodworking now, professional furniture–full time. You used to be pretty good with your hands too–remember that rocking chair you made Grandma for her 60th birthday?…” You would egg yourself into researching your interests rather than dismissing them.

Remember that not all of the voices in your head are good, but neither are all of them bad. It’s learning to tell the difference. Separating yourself from your feelings will help you do that.

Give yourself permission to go ahead and take the plunge. Look into some home-based business opportunities and compare the pros and cons. And guess what? You may just find what you’re looking for.

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