Yvonne Chihak 3 Simple Ways To Skyrocket Your (5linx) Business

by Yvonne Chihak

Your 5linx business is the path you’ve chosen to ramp up your financial game and achieve financial freedom. You’re committed to succeeding, but what can you do? You’ve invited guests to home meetings and dragged reluctant guests to your 5linx business hotel presentations. But you don’t seem to be moving forward. What to do?

1. Branding You Inc. is the first serious step for your (5linx) business success. Although you’re being told to talk about the top income earners in your company, your main goal is to talk about you and how you can help your prospects achieve their goals. Talk about you first and then 5linx.

You’re probably thinking I must be crazy because you’re a newbie and haven’t made a dime yet. I know that and yet I insist you promote yourself first. People do business with people and they will do business with you if they get to know, like and trust you. So get out there and tell your story. Let people know who you are, why you chose your “5linx” business, and why they should choose it too. Tell them what’s in it for them and how you can help them get it. Get it?

2. Your 5linx business could explode by your use of article marketing. When you’re out there talking to people, they’ll come online and look up your name. What will they find? A blank space? You want people to find lots about you. You want them to find articles by you on your 5linx business and other topics of interest to you.

When prospects find you and your (5linx) business through your use of articles, they’ll be more likely to partner with you. Then you can teach them how you’re branding yourself because very few people know and use these tactics.

3. A blog is a very easy way to get targeted leads for your 5linx business. Go to word press or blogger and set up free blog accounts. Then everyday or a few times per week, post on your blog about 5linx and your business progress. even provide a few tips on the marketing strategies you’re using. The search engines will pick up your posts and traffic will be sent to your site.

So you see, your 5linx business is not doomed to fail. You can use self branding, articles and blogs to explode your (5linx) business very effectively.

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