Best Man Speech: Do Jokes or Stories Work Better?

A best man speech is going to boast a litany of features and each of them should be looked at. When it comes to such speeches, they may be funnier than anything else without offering much in the way of stories. For those stories that are offered, they are most likely going to tell about the events of the past and how they led everyone to the present. No matter what kinds of speeches exist, it’s important to tailor them based on what kind of audience there is.

I would make the argument that telling jokes to people can be harder than speaking in a professional way. Not everyone has the mind of a comedian and, as such, certain aspects as timing are going to be lost. If you’re not confident about telling jokes, then you’re going to have to recite what you’d like to say a few times. This will allow you to understand what works when going about execution and, thereby, make the final product become tighter when speaking in front of loved ones.

What if people are going to expect a best man speech that doesn’t have much in the way of laughs? Usually, a best man is decided by a groom based on a number of factors, including how close they were, how many years they’ve known one another, and so forth. As a result, it’s easy to trust this person to be engaging when they’re speaking to the people who attended the wedding. Companies along the lines of Laugh Staff can help to prepare the speech more.

In constructing the ideal speech imaginable for this kind of event, though, I think it’s vital to understand the importance of both humor and storytelling. Who’s to say that the stories that the man wants to tell don’t have some element of humor in them? I think understanding this will be vital since I’m not sure how many people will be able to sit through a segment composed mostly of stories with nothing else incorporated. If you ask me, a healthy mix is recommended.

I recall taking a few public speaking classes in college and the nervousness was definitely cranked up high. I didn’t like having so many eyes on me as I stumbled through my words but it showed me the importance of planning out what to say beforehand. I had to be able to rehearse well and figure out what I was going to say before an event ever happened. The best man of a wedding has a job to do and it’s one that I, personally, don’t envy out of nerves.

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