Shaky Experiences with Funny Speeches

I don’t want to say that I’m one of those people who would rather die than speak in front of large audiences but it’s still an unnerving thought. I don’t want to be the kind of person who stammers while on stage while the crowd looks at him with indifference. I’m even scared of being booed offstage, which is something that I am sure has happened to people who frequent public speaking or performances. In terms of funny speeches, I’ve had moments of weakness.

I am pretty shy by nature, so you can imagine how intimidated I am by crowds. I don’t like to speak a great deal and I only truly talk when it’s most important. The issue is that speaking with so many people looking at you can oftentimes leave me speechless and I forget where I may be when going about a routine. The secret, as I’ve learned, is being able to cut loose in spite of the hardship that the situation may present to you.

My sense of humor may be different from everyone else’s, especially when you take into consideration the sorts of jokes I tell. I’m more sarcastic than anything else and while I have a group of friends which like it, people on the outside may not fully understand the point I attempt to get across. My comments are not meant to be taken literally but rather they are supposed to be playful. I want to be able to show humor in what I say but allow others to figure it out.

Funny speeches still seem somewhat foreign to me but to say that I hadn’t learned would be a lie. In fact, companies like Laugh Staff have experts which can probably tell how much a person has grown as a speaker. I feel like I’ve gained a better understanding on different types of humor and being able to tell jokes without confining myself to a certain type of humor. I may not speak on television in the future but learning how to talk in front of groups has been invaluable.

Speaking to groups of many people has been laborious for me but the incentive was present. Basically, I had to learn and being able to get better in areas of speech and humor most certainly helped me. I saw the kinds of changes that worked and I tailored my matter of speech around them. No, speaking in front of people hasn’t instantly become easy for me but it has slowly, but surely, became something that I am more comfortable with than ever before.

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