Working Out A Great Plan For Funny Irish T-Shirts

Who’s going to go out and blow the roof off of some parties this Saint Patrick’s Day? I know I am, and that has nothing to do with me being a borderline alcoholic. I think it has more to do with me wanting to celebrate my Irish heritage in the biggest, craziest way possible. I am going to hit every bar I know of, and wear a different funny Irish t-shirt at each of them.

My first stop is going to have to be one of those carpet restaurants that people seem to like so much. A man has got to eat, after all, especially if he plans on putting enough green beer in his stomach to kill a baby water buffalo. The shirt I’ve picked out for my first, most tame, spot is one of the funny Irish t-shirts that has the words “Dublin Your Pleasure” on it. That should be funny enough to get some smiles, but tame enough to let me drink and eat in peace.

I will then head to a bar to meet up with all of my drinking buddies. We’ll be doing a proper pub crawl later, but we’ll all meet at a neighborhood bar that’s convenient for everyone. I can say right now that I won’t be drinking any hard liquor this early in the evening, but we both know what a lie that is. This is probably the best time to wear my awesome “Fear The Irish” tee, since no one will be drunk enough to pick a fight with me because of it.

We will probably go to a couple of authentic Irish pubs, and I plan on wearing some authentically awesome funny Irish tee shirts to each of them. I won’t be wearing anything even remotely distasteful to these places. I know my Irish brethren, and there is no way I want to instigate a fight by offending someone’s cultural pride. I will wear a great shirt of mine that says, “Tis a Blessing to Be Irish.”

It isn’t a good idea for me to be out in public at this point in time. I will have gone to many pubs and worn many funny Irish t shirts, but the last stop for the night is at a house party thrown by one of my buddies. There will be friends, drinking, and music. I’ll be wearing my “Drunk O Meter” shirt and the dial will be all the way into the green, which is the “Irish” zone of drunk.

Having fun on Saint Patrick’s Day is not about taking advantage of a holiday for the Irish. It’s a time to celebrate your friends, your heritage, and your love of fun. It’s one of those “party holidays” where it’s okay to get drunk and make a fool of yourself while wearing ridiculous hats and funny Irish t-shirts. You can have fun and still remember your roots. In fact, having lots of fun sometime ARE your roots.

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