How To Increase Enthusiasm For Staff Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable part of the world of business. While you need to meet with your staff and discuss important issues, employees are typically not very enthusiastic about meetings. As the boss, you have the opportunity to make meetings more productive and even fun. Here are a few suggestions that might make your next staff meeting a big hit.

The boss always sets the tone of the office, and if you are enthusiastic about the meeting, this can definitely improve meeting morale. Creating a great meeting agenda can be a good first step. Insert a little bit of humor into the agenda by adding a cartoon or offering a silly list of reasons why meetings are important. In addition, clearly set the goals and the timeframe for the meeting. If staff knows what to expect at a meeting, they will be better prepared.

When everyone arrives, be an enthusiastic leader, tell a quick joke and lighten the mood. Quickly recap the reason for the meeting and then start hitting the tasks on the agenda. People already have the agenda and probably have at least skimmed it, so don’t spend too much time hitting every agenda item. If possible, start out with an agenda item that involves everyone present at the meeting, such as brainstorming ideas for a new project.

Make it easy for your staff to take notes and follow along. Keep a stack of extra agendas out for those who forgot to bring theirs along, and also provide notepads and something with which to write. Often these meetings provide an opportunity to come up with new ideas, and while every idea presented in a brainstorming session isn’t realistic or superlative, be sure to take down everyone’s thoughts, even the ones that you would never use. Sometimes one unrealistic thought leads to a great new idea.

In addition to providing some note taking aids, you definitely should not overlook the importance of food and drinks. Be sure there is bottled water, coffee and tea and possibly soft drinks or other drinks for employees to enjoy. A special treat is a great idea, and instead of just picking up some donuts or a box of grocery store muffins, dazzle your employees with something special, such as chocolate pizza. Chocolate Pizza Company creates thesw delicious gourmet chocolate treats. Each chocolate pizza is even carefully wrapped in cellophane and then placed in an actual pizza box, so this creates an impressive presentation for your staff.

Chocolate Pizza Company makes each of these gourmet chocolate pizzas by hand, beginning with a crust of melted dark or milk chocolate mixed with English toffee. For a white chocolate pizza, the crust is a blend of dried cranberries, almonds and, of course, gourmet white chocolate. You can select many different toppings, including candy, nuts and even graham crackers and marshmallows. You can purchase a few different options so that your staff can sample a variety of flavors. Not only will this be a fun treat after or before the meeting, your employees certainly will appreciate the fact that you really took the time to offer them something special. This alone can truly increase the success of any business meeting.

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