Can You Sell Anything On Teleseminars?

by Stu McLaren

We’ve all had those questions in our business that either stop our train of thought or slow our level of productivity down. Ranging from product creation, affiliate marketing, teleseminars, financial matters, I know in my own business I’ve come upon hundreds of business questions that I wish I could know the answer to. So, in this article I am going to answer two questions I’ve had about teleseminars.

Here is the first question:

Instead of selling my ‘normal’ products, such as a book, on my teleseminar, I really wanted to try to sell a new program. Can anything be sold on a teleseminar?

When you are creating a product you should be continually thinking about how you can leverage that product against the next one. Back-end products is something you will want to think about in certain situations. Take for example, if you are offering a coaching program, assessment program or something of that nature, once people get through the program they will obviously have questions, need advice, etc. This gives you a great opportunity to offer them a back-end product which will help keep your momentum rolling from one product to the next. This is something you should really think about, no matter what your product is.

Whatever you are looking to sell on your teleseminar, eBook, training, course, product, it all really depends on how you position it throughout the call. You can really sell just about anything you want as long as the positioning is right and you have established value on the product during the call.

Thinking about what other back-end products you could create though would be my big piece of advice for you to think about. If your product initially gets them to really dive deep into a certain method or strategy, they will have questions on how to optimize that strategy later, which I think leads itself nicely into any type of back-end offer.

Second question:

If I am interviewing an expert for a teleseminar, whose photo and voice should I use to promote the call, the host or the expert?

A couple of suggestions. Number one, it would work really if you could create a picture with both of you in it, if you only have room for one picture. Doing this is recommended, if possible. Obviously if you are able to use both photos on the Ask Campaign, registration page and web cast page, do it.

If you really had to pick only one picture to use, my suggestion is to use the host’s. The host is the person who will bridge the gap between the callers and expert and who is going to introduce the expert. This method holds true, unless the expert is very famous and well known. If not your audio can be used to build anticipation for your guest.

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