ClickBank Affiliate Income: Boost It Using Review Pages

by Ian Traynor

ClickBank is one of the largest sources of digital products, and some 10,000 merchants use ClickBank to sell their products.

From the merchants’ point of view, ClickBank makes it easy for them to sell. They don’t need to process credit cards themselves, and they don’t need to set up an affiliate scheme. ClickBank does both of these jobs for the merchant.

ClickBank is also great for affiliate marketers. It’s easy to set up a free ClickBank account and start promoting any products you choose using your special ClickBank “hoplink” for the products. Most merchants pay at least 50% commission, so it won’t be long before the money starts to pour in to your ClickBank account.

There’s nothing to it, is there? Sorry, but yes there is! Unless you’re going to follow the example of most people trying to sell ClickBank products and making little or nothing for their efforts, you’ll need to avoid the common mistakes that they make.

Many people just put up banner ads on their websites and add their affiliate links to their forum posts and emails. These “lazy” methods don’t work. Few people will click through to the merchant’s sales page from these methods.

But there is a better way, and it’s a technique which I’ve been using for a while. You’ll need to devote some time to it, but your time should be well rewarded.

Building Product Review Pages

You need to write a review for any product you want to promote as an affiliate. The purpose of the review is to “pre-sell” the product. You need to get people in a favorable frame of mind so that when they visit the sales page through your affiliate link, they are much more inclined to buy.

The reason why this technique is so successful is that more and more people, before they buy something online, look for reviews of the product. If you type “review” + a product name into Google, you’re likely to find examples of product reviews.

Even this technique on its own is not enough. Many, many affiliate marketers write very poor review pages. You need to be a little subtle!

How To Write Better Product Review Pages

1) If you simply write about the good things in a product, you will be unconvincing. It’s not hard to find a few minor faults in a product. And, of course, you make sure that the good points heavily outweigh the bad points!

2) Your purpose isn’t to sell the product. That’s the job of the merchant’s sales page. Remember, you are aiming to send people to the sales page through your link, almost convinced that they want the product.

3) You mustn’t use words and sentences taken straight from the merchant’s sales page. Your review will lose all its impact if you do this. It will no longer be seen as impartial.

4) You’ll be a lot more convincing if you have actually used (and liked) the product. You’ll find that you can frequently get a copy of the product from the merchant without having to pay for it. Just tell the merchant that you want to write a review of it.

5) If possible, find other similar products and compare them with the product you really want to sell. You could even give a star rating to each one – making sure, of course, that your main product gets the most stars!

I hope that you’ve gained some good ideas from this article, and that it will help you to improve your ClickBank income. You’ll find it even easier to promote ClickBank products by using the tools included in my ClickBank ToolKit.

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