Easy and Quick Ways To Create A Product

by Stu McLaren

We’ve all had those questions in our business that either stop our train of thought or slow our level of productivity down. Ranging from product creation, affiliate marketing, teleseminars, financial matters, I know in my own business I’ve come upon hundreds of business questions that I wish I could know the answer to. So, in this article I am going to answer two questions I’ve had about product creation.

Lets start with the first question:

How much lead time and how much of the product should I have finished if I am creating a product that has monthly send outs and teleseminars?

Product creation will always take longer then you expect, so make sure you try and give yourself as much lead time as possible.

For example, if it is a 12 month course, I would give yourself at least a three to four month buffer and then I would stay ahead three to four months throughout the entire course. I think that way that is a real safe zone.

When it comes to product development that is just the reality that I have encountered, sometimes it just takes longer than you expect. The dream is to be able to get the product created really quickly but there are hiccups with packaging, delivery.

You have to make sure you give yourself a buffer zone so you will be able to get the product created as quick as possible. To just get the product completed and staying ahead should be your number one focus and keeping that buffer zone will help you do just that.

Here is second question:

What are some quick way to create and sell a product?

There are a variety of ways to do this, even when you may not be an expert on the topic. A teleseminar series is a very easy and fast method of creating a product. From personal experience, I have just started selling courses for the first time as a a teleseminar series. From those calls I can then turn them into a series of products. Those calls that not been created before, but as soon as they were conducted, those calls were transcribed and a course was built from there.

So you could do the same thing and what I would suggest you do is map out what kinds of content you want to teach and then try to put it into a modular format. I like this model a lot because it makes it easy to create content. You have a major topic that you are going to cover for that particular module and then you teach and cover all your individual strategies that fall under that category, and it makes it really, really easy to crank out content pretty quickly. Again, you do not have to have it ahead of time because you are using the call itself to create the content.

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