Global Resorts Network Struggling as Mor vacations takes stage

by Regan Cole

Mor vacations is booming with calls and emails about their new vacation plan. It is just the pre-launch that has the crowds waiting at the door pushing to get in. With a 23 year perent company with more than 100,000 active members you know this vacation will be big for all.

The bar has been set lower for your vacations With mor vacations now starting a pre-launch there will be cheeper vacations.

The fact that Global Resorts Network has continued now for two years is a worry in itself and proving true by many representatives of GRN has worked. They are not making the sales they used to at the beginning and that GRN is slowing down fast.

MOR Vacations have supplied the need for only a small down payment and easy finacing terms to anyone with a 450 credit score. Many GRN affililates taking the new opportunity resulting in a massive move from GRN to the new MOR Vacations. Pale white is the face of the market, being amazed at what they are wittnessing, a widespread switchover.

This is half the current rate of GRN’s $298 lowest price.

Both MOR Vacations and GRN are almost the same. The better of the two being MOR Vacations providing more to the consumer

Differences in these two companies seems to lie mainly in the in-house financing offered by MOR Vacations and that MOR is offering a $3100 trade in on any travel club membership.

So out of the two which one is right for you, the products offered by both companies are great and so are the compensation plans.

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