What Do You Get As A Global Domains International Member?

If you’re thinking of becoming a member of Global Domains International you need to know that most affiliates in the company fall flat on their face. Despite the fact it’s a very established home business, GDI members often make no money at all. Today we show you what you are given when you join this particular company and, far more importantly, how to use it to become your own boss rather than another failure statistic.

Originally GDI was not an affiliate plan. It didn’t feature any way to make money online. GDI owns the rights to all .ws domain names and simply provided them to members for a set monthly fee.

The .ws domain extension originates from Western Samoa. The owners of GDI decided to purchase the rights to this and re-branded it to stand for ‘WebSite’ instead. It wasn’t until 2004 that the company then introduced it’s lucrative affiliate plan.

In terms of products, each affiliate who joins the GDI business receives the following tools:

1) Set up your own .ws domain, allowing you to build your own personal website.

2) Web hosting tools come as standard.

3) A lucrative affiliate business is included, too.

4) GDI provides a training library including live webinar conferences hosted by successful affiliates and regular featured tips and tricks teaching the basics of how to become one’s own boss from home with the program. The main downfall in this area is that most affiliates simply don’t apply it.

Basically, they provide you with your own website upon joining. You can use your site for whatever you want to do. Whether you want to create a family website, a parental advice forum, a blog, a site which allows you to take your hobby online and look at building a name for yourself in a particular niche… The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Most individuals, however, are first turned on to the idea of this program by it’s lucrative earnings opportunity.

As a member you unlock the ability to create a monthly income for yourself. This works in the same way as it does for most offline businesses such as Avon, the main differences being that GDI is of course based online and it opts to pay members a residual income rather than relying on them constantly selling new products each month to make anything.

This means you can build an income each month to the point where, once you have attracted a few serious individuals to your business, you can relax a little knowing that each time they build their business it also builds yours, too. This is passive income, and it is a big feature in GDI’s attractiveness. Most affiliates, however, don’t get to that stage. They mistake this appeal to mean ‘it is easy money’ and they don’t get their business off the ground…. [youtube:aZY1TBnW0QI;View our video guide to [link:Global Domains International].;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZY1TBnW0QI&feature=related]

The truth is over eighty percent of members fail. Why?

* No help from their sponsors. We’ve all seen them before. Big promises before you join their team, then nothing….

* The problem a lot of affiliates face is that they simply don’t know where to start and have nobody to show them.

* People often set unrealistic goals, quitting after two weeks or a month. You wouldn’t open a business in the real world and do this, so don’t do it online either. This occurs because making money online is often associated with being ‘instant’ and ‘easy’ by poor sponsors looking for a quick commission at somebody’s expense.

So while Global Domains International certainly has it’s benefits, it does not appeal to everyone in the world. If you are going to use this program, for whatever reason, today’s post is designed to help you get the most from it by teaching you the basics and leaving out the hype. We hope you enjoyed it.

Publisher: Russ Howe is a world leading coach within Global Domains International 2012. Before you join, be sure to listen to your complete guide to Global Domains International results.

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