Why Online Business Isn’t As Easy As You Think

Before you try to make money online via an affiliate plan such as Empower Network, Mary Kay or Visalus, you would greatly improve your chances of success by taking a little time to learn about online business. It may not be quite what you’re expecting.

Over 10,000 people decide to get involved in the home based business world every single month, a statistic which has grown steadily over the last five years. To it’s credit the home business industry remained one of the few industries which were unaffected by the recent recession.

It’s not all good news, though. While more and more people are attempting to become their own boss, very few of them are actually seeing any results. It’s well documented that over 96% of entrepreneurs struggle to get anywhere. Why is this failure statistic so shockingly high? [I:http://www.tweetarticle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/RussellHowe3.jpg]

While it may seem disheartening that well over 95% of budding entrepreneurs fail, it’s not strictly true. Most of those budding entrepreneurs simply weren’t cut out to become their own boss and had false ideas of what working from home actually involves. The false marketing is often created by home business opportunities themselves, who are looking to cash in on the bad habit of seeing the internet as a quick way to establish an overnight income.

If you are tempted by the idea of working for yourself from home, see if you can answer these three questions:

1. How serious are you about working for yourself? Are you merely hoping to get lucky and reach success quickly, or have you wanted to run your own business for a long time?

2. Do you have the time in your schedule to work on building your business in your spare time? Success takes time, so you’ll need to do something each day to build your business alongside what you currently do for a living if you want to reach the stage where you can do this full-time.

3. What initially attracted you to the world of affiliate marketing? Too many folks jump into programs purely because it has the potential to earn them money via it’s affiliate plan. They lack interest in the products and services and, ultimately, it shows in their work.

Too many people believe that online success comes from finding the right business or joining a company at the right time. It doesn’t. Around 90% of being your own boss is mental, it comes down to the mindset and drive of the individual person. Take five minutes right now and answer the 3 questions above. The answers will help you to determine how successful you will be in becoming your own boss.

The 1st question asks an important point. If you are somebody who has been tempted by the idea of self employment for quite some time now, then the internet can make a very powerful tool. On the other hand, if you are merely curious if you can push a button and see instant success, the internet can be your worst enemy.

Working for yourself isn’t a part-time hobby, nor is it an easy way to make a living. If it was, more people would do it in the real world. Instead, people get jobs where they don’t need to handle the responsibilities of actually running the business. If you’re going to make it, then you must start acting like you are your own boss and your future depends upon the actions you take.

In a way, the 2nd question ties into the first. Alongside false expectations of easy income opportunities, there is also a tendency to expect overnight success. It takes time to see results. While it is not completely impossible to see quick success, it is extremely rare and requires a large amount of luck. Anybody who has became their own boss in the real world will agree that if you are serious about changing your future, you should not be relying on luck.

The final question brings up an interesting point. You see, another major issue behind why so many affiliate marketers fail is that they push programs which they don’t actually enjoy. Remember, it is your choice to become your own boss. You may as well do it with something that you find attractive and interesting, right? If you join a program purely because it has potential to build you an income you’ll notice that your work lacks that killer instinct, which is due to the fact you’re not very interested in the product or service you are promoting to others as an affiliate.

There are so many businesses to choose from on the internet, there is literally something for everyone. From Empower Network to Avon, Mary to Dynamic Digital Enterprise and more, every possible niche has options if you are trying to make money online. The part most people overlook, sadly, is taking the time at the beginning to ensure they make the best choice for the right reasons. [

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