Will People Pay For A Teleseminar?

by Stu McLaren

Sometimes you come across those business questions that just have you stumped or slow down your progress. Personally, this has happened to me, especially when I was just starting my online marketing business. Within this article I’m going to answer one question I had about teleseminars, hoping to help you with your business success.

Lets start with the question:

Can you charge for a teleseminar, or is it better give it away free then try and sell your products while on the call?

It is good to mix things up sometimes, free calls are great, but you can also charge for them as well. There are a few things I want you to think about.

Even though you will get more people on your call when you do it for free, the people will be less qualified. When someone has paid for the call they are a better prospect to sell your other products and services to rather than someone who is just listening because it is free. That is what I mean by less qualified.

There a variety of different ways in which you can promote a call. One way that I use a lot is the actual call is free but then up sell people immediately to purchase the mp3 and transcripts of the call. The mp3 and transcripts are not free because I want to establish value for them in the future, one way of doing this is selling them. The method I use to get them to buy the mp3 and transcripts is to do a registration offer. Basically as soon as they register they are offered something that may this, “Congratulations on completing the registration for this call. There is a special offer for you right now, would you like to take advantage of getting the mp3 and transcripts for this call for $10?”

Basically, this is my up sell process. For $10, I provide them with the mp3 and transcripts and also let them know that once the call is finished the price will increase to $47, or however much you are going to sell it for. By buying it right away they will have the opportunity to save a lot of money and get a great deal, but it also allows me to build a sub list of qualified people.

So, I am kind of hitting both markets at the same time. I am hitting the freebie seekers and I am providing content for them and they are getting great value by joining me. The only challenge is inconvenience. They have got to be there at the time of the call in order to listen to the content.

Then I am also building a sub list of more qualified people who are willing to take their credit card out of their wallet and invest in the materials that I have even though it is only $10. I do that for a reason because I do not want it make a huge hurdle. I want to capture those people right away just so that I have identified who they are and at the same time I have established value for the mp3 and the transcripts. I am training people to know that the mp3 and the transcripts are something of value that they need to pay for. It is not free.

Giving everything away for free is not something I like to do because your whole back end sales won’t be helped by doing that. Qualifying people and establishing value is another goal of mine and this method as worked well for me to do both. By providing the actual call for free you will still get those people who are looking for freebies and be able to show them how much valuable your information can be. You also will be able to secure those qualified people who purchase the mp3 and transcripts during the up sell process. Offer them a deal at the time of registration for a much lower price, like $10. Also make sure you let them know that after the call that price will be increase dramatically to $47, $97, whatever price you decide upon.

That sub list of qualified prospects have shown you that they are willing to pull out their credit cards, so you will be able to follow up a lot harder than the people who just opted for the free call. From there you can sell other higher priced products and services.

You can charge for teleseminars as well as give them away for free. Both with leave you with different options, depending on what you are trying to sell and accomplish through your call.

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