An Alternative Way Of Advertising Without Adwords

by Brian Basch

With the immense popularity of Google Adwords and Google Adsense, the other advertising methods have been overlooked. Mesmerized by the appeal of these types of marketing entrepreneurs are forgetting there are other cost effective ways to advertising.

Adwords is a type of pay per click advertising. Basically it works like this; every time someone clicks through on an advertisers ad the advertiser is charged a small fee. This is quite a small amount, less than a dollar usually, but it does build up. This can happen when you use keywords that are popular, because they will attract a lot of traffic but few sales. This type of advertising is not always predicable so can cost you a considerable amount of money.

However not everything in the realm of advertising is governed by Adwords. It is a little known fact that not everyone is using this method of advertising. Of course there are many more ways to advertise and the sharp Markketer is going to explore all options. So think outside the box and start to see the sales come in.

One of the best ways to advertise without Adwords is social marketing. Blogs and forums are 2 of the most powerful forms of marketing using this media. Both these forms of social marketing offer immense exposure, as they attract visitors to discuss topics of their unique interests. When you post blogs about a product, with links back to your website, you can increase traffic for free.

Another effective promotion is placing ads on other people’s websites. Be careful about doing this. You must be very aware of your market and to whom you are trying to reach. Market analysis and customer awareness is a must. 3 options are open for you, when you use this promotion. Banner or text ads can be used. You can either pay a flat fee to the owner of the website, or pay for each click, as in pay per click advertising.

The following 2 methods involve using website content. This is a powerful way to advertise on another website. Companies will pay writers to provide their website content. They know that good content will increase traffic and build their credibility. Smart advertisers can take advantage of this and get some free exposure. They can submit their own articles complete with bios and ask these companies to use the articles as valuable web content. These articles will in turn allow back links to be created.

Link building will only be possible if the article is read completely and the reader follows the link in the bio. Sadly this does not always happen. This is because many readers cannot concentrate for a greater length of time. To avoid wasting a visitor you can weave a few links into your articles that will lead back to your website. This gives the reader an option to follow these links for further information or clarification of certain points in the article. This type of content is called hosted content. Sometimes you may have to pay the webmaster if you use this method as visitors will be leaving the host site when they follow your links back to your website.

When you use all of these tips you will be see your profits soar. In fact by avoiding the risks of Adwords you will very likely save a lot of money.

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