Finding Alternatives To Google Adwords

by Brian Basch

A new idea in advertising has burst onto the scene of Internet marketing with the appearance of Pay Per Click advertising. The search engines have finally managed to find a way to make a profit with online marketing. Let me explain how this can be done.

Traditional methods of advertising were somewhat different. An ad would be paid for according to its duration not exposure. You would simply pay for your ad to be run for a certain length of time, regardless of how much exposure it got.

It could be shown in a variety of different places; newspaper, TV, radio and online, on a website page. Somebody decided that there could be a far better way to advertise online. It is true that not all Internet marketing methods give the same exposure; some methods give a lot of views, others less. For instance a website with heavy traffic will give your ad a great deal of exposure, so why not develop a system that pays the website host and advertiser?

If you raised prices for the advertiser you would risk losing customers. In fact it could also be detrimental to the credibility of your business. Customers and sales would be lost and your competitors will start to get the edge on you.

So what about pay per click advertising? It is a simple concept with the advertiser submitting a keyword based ad to the search engines. The ad will come up with the search results for the keyword. Each time the ad is clicked by a visitor the advertiser pays the search engine a small amount of money. This allows both host and advertiser to make money.

Search engines saw the potential in this venture and took it to another level. They permitted advertisers to bid higher on the keywords in order to obtain better positions. Of course the highest bid would then get the best position and have their ad viewed more often. This ensured that advertisers and search engines could increase profits.

Of course many people will still associate Google and Google Adwords with pay per click advertising and tend to ignore the other engines out there. However there are other significant engines. The biggest names are Yahoo Search, Microsoft Adcenter, and Search Feed, to name just a few pay per click engines. To make more money marketers should try some of these other engines as well as Google and Google Adwords.

Multiple methods of drawing traffic to your site will help you to develop your business. When you use different pay per click options you can increase your sales and skyrocket your business.

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