Is Affiliate Payload Worth Your Money

by Johnny Mitchell

Alex Goad of Google Payload has just released his most recent project Affiliate Payload. Alex has released about 3 other internet marketing products before this one, and all have been good so far. Affiliate Payload is no exception.

This new guide deals with the subject of CPA offers. CPA is a huge potential market for anyone at all that has a clue on how to tap into its potential wealth. In Affiliate Payload, Alex not only runs over all the basics to get you started, but he also gives away some of the most up to date techniques for maximizing your CPA to make 6 figures per month.

Even if you are completely new to CPA, this is a great guide. It basically takes you from the beginning where it introduces just the basic concepts of how and why CPA offers work, and then it runs right down into the detail of how to get them making you more money than average.

Probably one of the best bits in Affiliate Payload, especially for the newbie, is the tricks and insights it gives into doing market research, and getting the best keywords for your campaigns. Some of the keywords you will find with these techniques are literally goldmines, with little or no competition.

Another big part of Affiliate Payload is teaching you how to track your CPA campaigns properly. Without tracking in almost all variations in online marketing, you are going to be losing money, if not losing your business. There are some great tips in this guide to make sure you are tracking your CPA offers correctly.

There are some sneaky methods that Alex goes into in Affiliate Payload that take advantage of certain climate changes within the marketplace. Things like using demographics to find completely untapped areas of your CPA market and other tricks. These are a shore way to really beef up your income building strategies.

To use such sights as Facebook and myspace is a great way to get highly targeted and free traffic, and lots of it. Right at the end of the Affiliate Payload guide, Alex goes into this in detail, and if you follow it, you can make a lot of money with these social sites.

Alex Goad has really left no holes barred in this course, and as I mentioned earlier, it does not matter if you have never done any sort of work with CPA before. This guide really teaches you how to go from clueless to master, and it really is not that hard once you know how.

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