Pay Per Click (PPC) Training

by Bolden

When I got into marketing on the internet, I always wanted to learn about Pay per click and how it works. What I gathered from this unique method of advisertising is, its used by many search engines for ranking their sites. Also used by many of their clients to advertise their sites and products. When you want your products advertised through this niche you go to sites like Google AdWords or Yahoo and make your ad.

This ad could be a phrase, or a series of words you believe your potential visitors might introduce in a search engine. The next thing you do is you select your bid, how much you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.

When one visitor enters the keywords you selected, your ad appears in the search results as a sponsored link with so many others. When somebody clicks on your ad to get to your site you pay the bid, the more people click the ad, the more you pay but the more traffic you get on your web page.

The amount of money you pay per click is in fact your bid, and the bid determines the position of your ad among the sponsored links. The higher your bid is, the higher the position of your ad is on the results list. Your ad can be dismissed by the administrators of the sites if it doesn’t reach the required number of clicks.

For your ad to work, you have to use certain keywords which people tend to use when searching for a product. Choosing the right keywords can be difficult as the search engine offers you a limited space and restricts the wording you can use.

For those reasons it is best that you consult with an advertising specialist or browse through the ads of competing sites or products and see which keywords are the most searched, and opt for the same keywords. Also there are keyword suggestion tools as Yahoo!, Google and Wordtracker which can help you find the right keywords but which do not guarantee the success of your ad. The choice of keywords is crucial for the success of your pay per click campaign.

Also it is best to start with a small bid, because you don’t know how many clicks you’re going to get in one day, and you might end up with gigantic sums to pay. You can increase your bid if your keywords appear at the end of the list and you do not have enough clicks.

Pay per click is a very good method of advertising your site and products, as most of the people looking for items on the internet use search engines. To get best results, use the most used search engines and bid the appropriate sum of money for the ad. Your pay per click strategy will change through time, as your site becomes more and more popular, and as your income increases. If your ad doesn’t get you the expected amount of visitors, change either the title or the ad.

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