The Drawbacks Of Pay Per Click Advertising

by Brian Basch

Pay per click advertising is the latest and greatest thing to hit the Internet. It seems that everyone wants to give it a try. The concept of just writing an ad and leaving the work to the search engines is very tempting to advertisers.

Pay per click seems like the perfect union of advertiser and search engine. It is simple to do. The advertiser creates and ad based on keywords, and will pay the search engine to do all the word. Leads will be generated, by the search engine, with these keywords, for the advertiser. The ads are seen in the search results that are relevant to the keyword that is typed in.

Of course it is not as easy as it might look at first glance. The reason for this is the challenge of doing keyword research. It is not enough to just track the ad through the search engines. Although the keywords are popular they will bring up far too many pages per search result. The average searcher will be unlikely to look at more than the first 5 pages of search results. This means that in order to make money you will need to be sure your ad is positioned within the first 5 pages.

The only trouble with this is the fact that you will need to bid high to get a good position. Old fashioned ways of advertising were governed by paying for the duration of the ad as opposed to paying for exposure. This method of advertising often cost quite a bit.

Next came pay per click advertising. It was a simple idea; advertisers were charged a small amount of money every time somebody clicked on their ad. Advertisers would earn more if they had a larger amount of clicks. The next step was to get a good position for your ad. In order to achieve this the advertiser would need to make the highest bid.

You need to exercise caution when using pay per click advertising. The reason for this is the fact that costs can rise quite fast and take you by surprise. Ads in top positions will generate a great deal of traffic but also a lot of wasted leads. This can drain your budget.

There are many things that can go wrong in a pay per click campaign, and you will have to be extra careful, especially if you are new to this form of marketing. it is not so easy. However you do not need to feel alone as there are many different marketing strategies to try out.

So consider your options and do not rely on one method of marketing. Remember the more methods you use the better chances you have of making a profitable business.

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