Comparing Snapchat And Instagram Stories, With Long Island SEO

If you want to discuss the social media platforms that are used the most, room for conversation should be made for both Snapchat and Instagram. This is especially true when you consider that both platforms make use out of Stories. It’s easy to compare Snapchat and Instagram Stories, however, which is what I’d like to get into today. Here are just a few talking points that Long Island SEO experts will be able to draw attention to.

Reputable authorities such as will tell you that Instagram and Snapchat Stories are varied in different ways. This is true when it comes to the content they post, seeing as how Snapchat photos and videos aren’t meant to last forever. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, can be preserved for the future. Whereas Snapchat Stories live in the moment, it would seem like, Instagram’s are more akin to history.

There seems to be more customization when it comes to Instagram compared to Snapchat. For those who do not know, Instagram offers a number of editing options with its Stories, ranging from color selection to drawing tools. Snapchat offers filters in its own right, but it seems like they are more simple compared to the other social media platform. For those who would like to make edits, understand what you’re getting into with both.

Audience is another component where Instagram and Snapchat Stories differ. When you send a piece of content through Snapchat, only those you have added on this platform will be able to see it. Instagram is a much larger platform by comparison, which means that Stories posted on it are more likely to see greater traction. Audience sizes differ, which goes without saying, so it’s important for businesses across the board to be mindful of it.

Snapchat and Instagram Stories are engaging, to say the least, provided they’re made well. Their goals seem to be the same, for the most part, but their differences should be noted as well. It’s the differences in question that should compel you to use both in order to reach out to people. The more that you know about Stories across these platforms, the better you’ll be able to use them for your digital marketing endeavors.

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