Link your way to Googles #1 Spot by Outsourcing Article Writers

by Darron Skinner-Martin

Whether your business is offline and wants to go online or purely online, traffic is the key to your organizations success. Outsourcing offshore article writers could be the answer to your traffic problems. Article writing is seen as one of the best link builders and search engine optimization tools around. In fact if you were to write 100 articles using certain key words you would probably rank at the top of Google. However it takes time and effort to ensure it is done correctly.

Content is King. Your articles need to provide quality information to people about your topic or niche. The other essential component is they must be original articles. Article writing directories do not like people who are just promoting their company but do allow you a section to do this.

The problem is do you have the time and skills to become an article writer? Some people find article writing like a sore tooth. They avoid it and hope it will go away. I personally enjoy it but the reality is if you are serious about internet marketing you need to take the time to write articles of a high standard. Article writing creates many high quality links. Search engines love links that provide content about the topic of your web site or business.

With web 2.0, people want to read articles about their interests. The internet was designed to provide information and article writing is one form of this. People have turned the internet into a money making machine but the fundamentals have not changed; at least for search engines. This is certainly arguable but places like Google generally have this as their main principle especially with search engine algorithms (using different criteria and factors to rank pages).

Search engine optimization is critical for online businesses. Writing articles on a regular basis is perhaps the number one SEO strategy. If you are not prepared to put in the time or money to use article writers then your competitors will. Outsourcing article writers is one way to significantly boost the amount of articles and press releases written about your businesses products and services. The outsourced article writer can also submit the articles to online article directories. This in itself can take days and hours. There are many article submitting tools and programs but they can cost a significant amount of money and still require a substantial amount of your time.

Whenever we see someone regularly writing about a particular niche or subject area we presume they are the expert on the topic. In some ways its true because to write 35 high content articles it will require some expert knowledge. However, the benefit to your organization is that you could be seen as the industry leader and expert. Do you think that will bring in some sales for you? By outsourcing article writers you can show everyone on the net you are the expert about your topic.

The submission of original written articles is just as time consuming as writing articles. You need to create profiles and keyword submissions to the hundreds of article directories. Not to mention new articles for each directory. There are definitely software programs which do this but the cost can be upwards $50 per article or more. By outsourcing offshore article writers you can create the links and provide your customers with information at a fraction of the cost. Your article writers will not require very much of your own time allowing you to focus on what you do best; your business.

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