SEO Targeted Marketing Is What Produces Sales

by Rex Stevenson

Search Engine Optimization is the use of certain word to help get you a better ranking within the search engines. But many times we get so focused on using just the right words and repeating those words a certain number of times so that the search engines will list us under those words that we lose sight of what our content is. The content and the information we try to transmit to readers becomes lost on the way. And whatever we wrote becomes unreadable, uninteresting and even silly.

How does SEO work? Well supposedly Google, Yahoo, and other search engines have tools which help them see how relevant your site is to a certain subject based on the number of times certain words are repeated within your content. So many decide to repeat or include the words for which they want their products to be found many times. The problem with this is that the content becomes unreadable, and the search engines are realizing this and changing it. Its no longer about using the right words a certain number of times, it’s about getting relevant content to your product. Its about informing your readers about your product. Readers are actually interested in finding out more about your product.

The objective is to find the right kind of reader, the one that is interested in what you have to say and what your product is. This is called SEO targeted marketing. So you need to get relevant, interesting, and fresh information on your site. You want readers that are interested in your product and not in something that doesn’t have to do with what you are selling because you won’t be able to keep that type of reader.

SEO target marketing is important because it gives your reader the information they need to know about your product and yet it is selling your product too. Not only that, but the words that you use the most, or that are the most important to your product help give your site a higher ranking.

So the traffic you get to your site will be because the information you give is related to your actual product and is useful information. This makes you appear like the expert and will produce more sales for you. SEO targeted marketing helps you get interested visitors to your product and keeps those interested visitors returning.

Once you have managed to get interested visitors to your site by showing that you are an expert in your field, offering useful information, then those visitors are ready to be converted to buyers.

When you market online you always want to pay attention to SEO, but only SEO for the market you want and for the people that may be interested in your product.

Balance your content and your SEO efforts and you will get ranked for the right keywords and you will convert readers into buyers. You will stand out as the expert in the field.

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