Sketch Turner’s Benefits from Using an Online Marketing Firm

Why are creative characters in video games that seem to fall out of popularity for apparently no reason? I say this because it wasn’t long ago that I took to my collection of Sega Genesis titles, finding one entitled “Comix Zone” amongst the pack. The title was strange, of course, but I thought that the main character was great and could do well in the market today. It makes me believe that he would be one character that could use an online marketing firm in the modern era.

“Comix Zone” is an action-packed title that stars comic book and rock music artist known as Sketch Turner. One night, he is working on a comic book that bears the same title of the game when he is suddenly whisked away into the world he had created within said book. At that point on, he has to venture across panels and pages alike in order to see each level to its end. Sketch also has a personality that, in my estimation, could help him thrive in the gaming scene today.

Sketch’s personality, from what we see in the game, is one that fits the gaming audience. We all imagine these worlds and sometimes we even go so far as to write and draw them out. We use this as an escape and all we want to do is escape into what we’ve been able to put down on paper but sadly cannot do such a thing. Sketch was able to do that, albeit against his free will, and he is allowed to be the hero of the same story he had spent so much time creating.

Since the game’s initial release in 1995, it has reappeared in a number of collections but sadly people do not talk about Sketch. This is a shame and it’s something that, I believe, an online marketing firm could lend the assist to. It’s not like he’s unremarkable, since he can fight well and he has a look that’s very much like a normal person. He serves as the everyman of sorts and that sort of quality should be highlighted by firms in this industry, fishbat included.

Video game characters may not achieve the levels of popularity they would like, one reason out of many being that they simply aren’t given a spotlight. Companies do not want to back them as much as they do their trusted mascots, which isn’t fair. They aren’t granted a fair shot, which certainly doesn’t bode well for potential mascots and series of successful games. Online marketing firms work based off of the idea of exposure, which I why I recommend them for clients.

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