The Correlation Between Keyword Research And SEO Campaigns

The SEO environment is peppered with difficulties, especially now that Penguin and Panda are out to accomplish the dirty tactics of most black hat SEO players. The rise of these two algo updates has forever changed SEO landscapes, including the aspect of keyword research. What most online specialists are saying is that SEO today is no longer easy as it was before. Methods in the past, such as devising keywords and utilising exact-match anchor link texts can no longer yield desired results.

Today, formulating identical keywords no longer produces the results that it used to deliver in the past. With the radical changes ushered in by the penguin update, the strict implementation of repetitive, irrelevant keywords and keyword phrases won’t do the trick. In a Post Penguin world, the persistent use of low quality anchor texts and illegal backlinking schemes means suicide for website rankings.

Think it is time to spruce up your keyword strategy and zoom in on niche keywords that can bring your site higher? Here are effective tips that can get your SEO strategy going:

Perform an in depth keyword research. If you belong to a particular niche, you need to identify industry-specific keywords. Google’s Keyword Tool can be of great help to any keyword researcher. If possible, ignore loosely related words and target only relevant keywords that make sense. Limit your list to 30 keyword choices.

Scrutinise existing rankings. Audit your website’s performance. Determine how every web page performs. Assess how every single web page, each bearing specific keywords or keyword phrases, is graded by search engines. High ranking pages shall give you an insight as to keywords can amplify your SEM approach.

Match keywords to web pages. Create keyword clusters for every web page. Keyword groups must contain a set of distinct and relevant words. Once clusters are formulated, you have to choose a primary keyword that will lead all other keywords in terms of search volume.

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