An Objective Review of Cash Speeder

by Valerie Garner

We’ve heard before that the money is in the list. What about people who are new to online selling and either do not have a list or have a small one? Even then, those who do have large lists are always looking for ways to build their contact list. A person’s list can never be large enough.

What is the main idea for a list? It’s to sell your products to, either physical, digital or affiliate or simply promoting your website. It takes traffic to get sales.

I’ve used a product called Cash Speeder Insta List I’d like to share my findings with. Cash Speeder is a service that is totally free to join. It allows you to send your advertisement via email to every person who signs up after you do, no matter who refers that person to Cash Speeder. This figure usually ends up being very large, up to the 10,000’s range. Good hook to get people to take action. Its web based so there’s no software needed to download, and totally opt in so there’s no risk of being accused of spam, and the ads are sent via their web servers, which I’ve found to be very reliable.

So, you may be wondering if it’s just another safelist that’s flooded with thousands of email ads that no one reads? That’s one thing I’ve really liked about Cash Speeder. I’ve found the amount of emails I’ve received to be very reasonable. Although you still would want to sign up with a gmail or yahoo account instead of your main email address. I’ve also found that my ads have pulled real visitors to my website. Sweet.

But here’s the real benefit, if a person chooses to upgrade their membership to Pro, it costs a one time lifetime cost of $20. The advantage to upgrade is it sends your ad to automatically every 48 hours instead of weekly. You can change your ad anytime you desire to advertise different products. Pros can also have the option of not receiving emails. Pros also get two text ads sent as sponsor ads in many emails as well, dramatically increasing your exposure.

The other advantage to upgrading to pro is that you then have the option to receive $5.00 payments for anyone that signs up and upgrades that you’ve referred. For a measly $20. I’ve found this service to be worth it many times over, both in affiliate sales and the traffic it’s brought to my site.

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