Can I Know How To Find The Best Place To Advertise Online?

by Don Bethune

This question, \”What’s the best place to advertise online?\” is one that I have toiled over. My husband and I are in the process of starting our own business and we are looking to see if we can get some free website traffic.

We have noticed that there are many companies that offer some website traffic or increased website traffic. The one thing that we have also discovered is that these companies only place your ad in places that they think are the right demographical location for your product. The truth of the matter is though is that they donat even know our product enough to know that it does not need to be limited to what they determine is the correct demographical location. This will cause us to loose advertising which in turn causes us to loose potential revenue.

The true need that we really have is that we need a company that will actually take a chance on selling us an advertising package without any apprehension on their part. Shouldnat it matter that we are the ones trusting them by investing our money? We believe that because we trust them they should in turn trust us by advertising our business without those limitations.

I would like to find a company, like the very well known car insurance company that says, \”If we can save you money, we’ll find someone that can\”. I would like to find a advertising business that has many different specialties in what product category they advertise for.

Of course the first and most important step in this transaction is to have a solid mutual understanding of the product that we want advertised. We believe that with this understanding the advertising company would be able to offer us a free trial as a good faith effort. This would show that they are not afraid of failing on the amount of traffic they can increase on our site.

Really the fact is as with anyone that starting and managing our own business is full enough of its own risk. Considering that we are not comfortable to just to pick an advertising company at random from the phone book. Simply put that is not a risk we are willing to take.

It is scary dealing both with the advertising company that places the ad and the one who canat provide the traffic we want. This is true especially if they do not have a real understanding of the product we are offering and exactly who it is geared to.

So I am back to the same question again, \”What’s the best place to advertise online?\”. The only answers I have been able to come up with is listen to what the other businesses around me are saying and take a chance on their word of mouth.

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