Stand Above The Crowd With The Best Blogs

by Don Bethune

The primary goal of a blog is to persuade your visitors to read the contents. As the internet is flooded with blogs on any topic that anyone can imagine, it is really a hard job to keep the attention of the visitors.

Most of the time visitors just scan the blog for any points that catch their attention than reading the entire blog. So the main goal when writing a goal becomes to catch the attention of the visitor in the first few seconds so that they continue to read the entire blog. Given below are few helpful points to keep in mind when writing a blog post.

Snag the focus of the visitor: Make them curious by creating short paragraphs that have sections text emphasized or set in bold headings. Clearly displaying these sections will provide enough highlights to the reader of the general sense of the entire article. The reader can zoom quickly to the sections of interest and study further your blog article. Keeping each point of your headings clearly displayed and intriguing will draw their interest.

When is the last time you looked for an interesting illustration or photo to go with your blog posting? Even an odd looking illustration will force the reader to pause and ingest this information. Capture their attention with the image, and they may stay to read your blog to learn more.

The Blog laser, bullet points: Condensed ideas listed with bullet points will quickly communicate your thoughts to the blog reader. Zap away the fuzzy text by sending clearly defined short points to the reader. Seeing such lists of concise information will increase your blogs reading time to be increased.

First Write the content, then the title: The title of the blog should present the full ideas in the blog and at the same time it should be catchy. So it is a good idea to first write the blog completely and then write a title for it. In this way it becomes easy to create a title that encompasses the entire theme of the blog.

Every now and then writing a divisive title or going against the normal way of common thinking about a topic is the most excellent way to get the visitorsa attention. But if you are using controversial topics make sure that you have sufficient matter in the content to substantiate your title.

End with an open ended question: To encourage the visitors to leave their thoughts and opinions always end the blog with a thought provoking question. The user will leave more interesting writings as their comments. This way you enhance your blog with the opinions of a group of visitors attached to it.

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