Publicity Waves Emanating from Internet Talk Radio

by Theo McLanahan

Talk shows have long been used on television by all kinds of famous individuals, especially actors, to advertise their work to the general public. Celebrities often take advantage of popular talk shows, encouraging people so see their latest movie or buy their latest CD by providing a preview on the show.

An individual working as an Internet Marketer is probably not going to be interviewed by or allowed to advertise on any big time, network produced talk show. They can still get a message about their business out to more people by being booked for an Internet talk radio show, which many websites now run with the help of podcasting.

The site owner’s guests join the site owner via telephone and the conversations are recorded and uploaded to the site for download. The interviews may be conducted one on one or over a conference line full of live listeners.

If you do a Google search on ‘internet talk radio’ more than 190,000 results come up. Unlike traditional radio, a site owner can easily use technology to record their conversations and upload them to the internet.

The recordings can be accessed at any time, so listeners can listen when it is convenient for them. Some websites may charge a fee to access the recordings, but many of the Internet Talk Radio shows are free to listen to.

Finding an Internet talk radio show that will appeal to your target customers is not difficult, since there is such an abundance of them online. Use a search engine to find the talk show that will most appeal to your market.

You should send the host a press release if you are interested in being a guest on an Internet talk radio show that you have found. The press release you send is a simple document that tells the show’s your contact information, general information regarding your business, and details of current offers or special events that you would like to promote.

An Internet talk radio show is one excellent place to promote your products or services. You can promote anything that your business sells, tangible or otherwise, by being a guest on an Internet talk radio show.

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