What About Link Exchanges?

by Shep Samson

Link exchanges can be a viable way to promote your online business. Whether you are just starting out with your first website, or an experienced webmaster, if you haven’t tried link exchanges, you may want to consider it. Exchanges are a combination between traffic exchanges and affiliate marketing programs.

To begin, an exchange offers the opportunity to have another site place your link on their website, in return you place a link of their website on yours. There are resources out there that allow you to make these requests through an exchange site. The other method is to contact webmasters directly of sites you would like to exchange links with and ask if they are interested in doing so. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll need to find which fits your needs the best.

The benefit to using a link exchange company is that you are sharing traffic with other sites who are, by your choice, going to get you targeted traffic that can better match the goals of your business. It can be less time consuming than manually asking website owners to do an exchange. The more link partners you gain, the better visibility you have for your site. And, as you know more visibility means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales.

There’s a few things to consider before going into link exchanges. Most of the time there is start up work involved to set up the process, from contacting webmasters that you’d like to exchange links with, to being able to monitor the effectiveness of those exchanges. There are many valuable tools out there available to help with this process. It’s important that you find exchanges that are quality and not just wasting both time and space. Getting link exchanges can be effective, but you need to make it count.

It’s important to find quality link exchanges and not just random junk. Trades that are generally totally unrelated to websites that have a poorer web rank than yours are not a good idea. The goal is to get link exchanges with sites that rank higher than yours (not always easy to do), and related to your site’s content. For example if your site is about jewelry, you wouldn’t want links about cars. Having quality links help improve both the quantity of visitors that would visit your site as being more targeted and better odds of buying your product, plus boosting your search engine rankings.

There are directories out there that can be great to list your website with to gain one way links to your site. There are both free and paid sites, some have great page ranks, some do not, so do some research. The main thing you’re looking for, is getting those links to your site to improve your organic website’s traffic.

There are some who say that these exchanges actually take traffic away from your site by encouraging visitors to click a link before they buy anything from you. While this may be true, it is not the standard. On the other side of the issue, the increased traffic from improved search engine rank that you may gain by doing quality link exchanges, most likely will offset any possible losses. You will also gain some visitors to your site that you wouldn’t have gained otherwise, so most of the time it all evens out.

Many webmasters do link exchanges with great success and wouldn’t have it any other way. Many of the top websites out there have done extensive link exchanges that were vital to them getting those high ranks. It’s important to weigh which methods are working for you and which are not. Give it some time to evaluate tho, as results don’t come overnight.

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