4 Google Chrome Facts From Web Design New York Companies

Needless to say, there exists a bevy of Internet browsers. Some are more popular than others, but those that work in web design New York will probably tell you that Google Chrome is among the strongest contenders. Its functionality and features alike cannot be overlooked, but what about some of the lesser known tidbits behind this platform? For those that are curious, these are just 4 things that you should know about Google Chrome.

Your Chrome’s search bar allows you to perform Google searches, but did you know that it houses other features? For example, if you were to type in a math equation into the search bar, Chrome would respond with a solution. This makes your browser something of a calculator, in addition to a tool that’s used primarily for Internet access. This is just one of many unique facts that companies like Avatar New York can tell you about.

What about web design, which is one of the focuses that Chrome has seemingly been built with? If you don’t know – and your local web design New York agency can expand on this – Chrome has many tools that are seemingly built with web developers in mind. Consider the inclusion of “Inspect Element,” which gives users a look at a website’s distinct code. For developers, this can prove to be a viable tool for the future.

Chrome isn’t without its security, which makes the browser in question even more remarkable. Malware and phishing have become hot topics, as they’ve been able to scam people and ruin their lives. However, by using Chrome to access the Internet, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your system from any viruses that would have made their way on your system otherwise. When you’re online, protecting yourself should be a priority.

Finally, it’s easy enough to make the switch from another web browser due to how intuitive Chrome is. For example, if you’ve been using Microsoft Edge for a number of months, you may be fearful of switching over to a different browser. The fear of the unknown is understandable, but you won’t have to worry. Chrome will be able to import any bookmarks you’d like to keep, which will make the transition smoother.

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