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Tired of creating your invoices in Microsoft Excel or Word? Searching for an easier way to invoice? Why not look at an online solution or system that is going to assist you to make and issue quotes and invoices? So let’s get your business billing out of the past and shed some modern light on it!

We all know that issuing invoices and quotes manually can be very time consuming and also technically demanding. Do any of the following manual billing related issues sound familiar to you?

– Cost intensive: If you need to create and issue invoices manually you need to set aside at least fifteen hours per week to do this. You also require more employees to handle the workload.

– Errors happen easily: An auditing nightmare, duplicated invoices and overlooked or missing invoice numbers! This can very easily happen when invoicing manually, often leading to hours of work trying to resolve the issue.

– Time consuming: Those using Excel or Word for manual billing will be very familiar to copy and pasting line items and typing out product and service descriptions on each and every new invoice they generate.

– Sending quotations and invoices: Issuing invoices to customers manually opens a Pandora’s box of possible issues. Errors making invoices to a small enough send-able format like PDF can deliver a smorgasbord of headaches. This kind of thing also opens up the possibility of emails being retruned because of attachment file size or the customer not being able to see the invoice right.

– Storing your work: Hands on invoicing through Excel or Word most of the time means that you save all your invoices in one place on one computer. This is a problem as you can only access your invoices from that one computer, so you cannot handle billing support when outside of your office. This delivers a big blow to productivity.

– Un-automated invoicing wastes time: It can really take very long to invoice your whole customer database each month, especially if you run a company that requires customers to be billed on a recurring or subscription schedule.

You might think that what I have stated above does not happen in this day and age. Why would anyone still want to do their business invoicing in this way? But amazingly, if not shockingly most of the examples and problems I elaborated on above are faced by many small business owners and freelancers today. So how do we eradicate this invoicing problem of the past? By going into the future – one automated, safe, completely backed-up invoice and quote at a time.

The solution: An online invoicing system

Finding a service to help you create quotations and invoices on the web is an easy task. If you do a bit of investigating it is rather simple to discover a high quality, professional service that is not going to cost your business an arm and a leg.

Perks of online billing:

– Web-based invoicing means saved time and money in your bank account. By utilizing a web-based invoicing solution as opposed to using manual means you can save a minimum of 10 hours a week on your normal business billing.

– No more manual problems, duplications or mistakes. An online service eliminates these almost completely as they have built-in fail safes to stop this.

– Automate don’t just duplicate. No longer will you need to perform the same action more than once. Billing systems use standard templates and line items that you enter once and re-use as you want.

– Online invoicing removes the need for your businesses employees to manually post invoices to clients via email. A professional system will allow you to setup invoice times and then do all the work for you. Generating the invoice, converting it to PDF and then sending an HTML invoice with PDF attachment to your customer.

– So the trouble with old fashioned billing methods was that you could only get to your client information from 1 point for example: Your work computer. Not anymore! Web-based billing means your information is saved on the web, so you can access it from any web-enabled device. So you can send bills from your phone on holiday or process a payment from your laptop at home.

– Get the pro’s of enterprise data safety without having to support the cost of the big business infrastructure. All quality web-based billing solutions have strict privacy measures in place and the majority of them schedule frequent backups on your data on your behalf. So next time your laptop gets lost or your office PC has a melt down you won’t lose even a stitch of customer data. Awesome hey?

Let’s move your business into the twenty-first century and stop you having to do all your quotes and invoices manually. We suggest you get on the internet and start looking for an online billing system straight away.

Before you decide on an online billing system, make sure you check Susan Bapsnill’ recommended billing software and subscription billing system software solutions.

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