Buying A Suit On A Budget

by Victor Santerino

Buying a suit is not always the most economical process one can undertake. Many people do not have the budget to buy suits, ties, shirts, and dress shoes for a job that has not even paid them yet. This catch 22 rule of needing professional clothes to get a job but needing a job to buy professional clothes can be tough.

Read this article and you will gain my years of experience in buying and selling suits. You will learn what brands to buy and where to get them. I will also give you many options to choose from so that you can make your own decisions.

The first option one might want to consider is buying second hand clothing. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and estate sales were once the only place a person could buy used clothing. However, the creation of ebay has opened up the used buying and selling arena and has made buying high quality used goods extremely easy.

Used clothing is economical and my number one choice for saving money. Having said this I do realize that not everyone is comfortable wearing clothes that have previously been worn. Also another drawback is the lack of a return policy on many used purchases.

The buyer that must buy new clothing can look into buying a higher quality suit without the expensive name attached to it. Suits such as: Steve Harvey, Mantoni, Sean John, Pronto Uomo, and Perry Ellis can all be found for less than $500 at many retail stores.

Disadvantages to this method include: limited funds for accessories, limited number of suits, and the lack of a diverse lineup. This can be tough for any man that has to wear suits everyday for work. You will need to go to the dry cleaner more often and will have to be careful not to let your suit get damaged.

The last option is to buy many lower quality suits in bulk. This option will allow you to diversify your suit lineup and still have money left over for a substantial amount of accessories. If you decide to buy new and must wear suits everyday, this option is best for you.

However, this option allow you to buy more expensive shirts, ties, and shoes to really make you stand out. You will also be able to diversify your wardrobe more by mixing and matching your suit pants and jackets on casual fridays.

I hope these three options give you a better idea of how to buy a suit with limited funds. Always remember to decide on an option before going out and making any purchases.

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