Copywriting Bootcamp: The Basics

by Theo McLanahan

Copywriting is defined as the writing of press releases and advertisements. Don’t be fooled, it can be a hard task. Understanding the important basics of copywriting will help you to develop skill in doing it yourself and thus save your business money since you will not need to hire out for your copywriting needs.

To write copy well you must have your target audience clearly fixed in mind while writing. Imagine you are them. What would appeal to you? Answer any questions or concerns you think potential customers might have regarding your business, making sure you include all the information they need to be well informed regarding your products and services.

Copywriting should always be easy to understand and to the point. Words used naturally during everyday conversations are best. You dont want your readers to get confused. Since most people are busy and stressed, they will want to be able to sit down and read your copy effortlessly.

When people sit down to read something, they want to know the following: who, what, why, where, when and how. Who is the offer for? This should be your target market the reader should understand that the offer is for them. What is the offer? Are you offering a product, a service, or an event? Make sure the reader knows what you are writing about.

Common questions that your copy should answer include: Is the product being featured new? How long has your business been established? How can I take advantage of a special offer? Do I have to pay anything in order to do so? How much? When does this offer expire?

Give your readers a reason to buy your product or service. Many people simply list the features and benefits of their offer. They fail to tell the reader why the reader will want to buy the offer. If you are selling ice cubes, tell your readers how much better their life is going to be by having cold drinks to cool them down on hot days.

Keep things exciting. Grab your readers’ attention with a catchy headline and keep their attention throughout the body of your copy.

Dont just let readers know about what you have to offer; tell them to do something about it. Terms like “limited time offer” and “act now” will motivate your readers to become your customers.

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