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Domain names are as important to websites as attractive covers are to books. There are very slim chances of the visitor entering a website if the domain name is not relevant to the website in some way. That does not mean you need to be totally innovative. Do you know the reason for this? It must have optimized keywords along with creativity. Attractiveness and optimization are the two important ingredients for a successful domain name. This article will reveal the secrets how to achieve that goal easily.

Start by researching for a search engine optimized keyword that can be a part of your domain name. A tool known as a keyword analyzer can help you in this. You will able to find such tools by searching on popular Internet engines. Use a sample keyword into this tool that describes your site. You will get many options from the analyzer for the keyword you have used. Choose those keywords from this list that describe more about what your website is about. A rule of search engine optimization is to use low competition keywords because they increase your chances of getting found.

With this done, you can now begin hunting for your perfect domain name. The company that provides domain names will let you know if a particular domain name is available. If not obtainable, you will at least get some recommendations. The best use of this tool can be made by entering your chosen keyword first. In case the keyword itself is not available as the domain name, you will get some suggestions at least. If a particular suggestion has your keyword in it and terminates with a .com, it will be good for you. You will have to use your creative mind to think of options if this is not present.

Just putting in some filler words or numbers will allow you to retain your keyword. One ruse is to put the words ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ as fillers. So, they will index your site and you will have a very appealing domain name too. Using numbers like 12, 9 or anything else at the end of the phrase also works.

There are some ideas to use if you get everything else but not the .com ending too.Read on. Sometimes the keyword is so popular that it does not make much difference if you have a .com or something else. .biz and .org are solutions you can use if you don’t get .com. One more tactic is to use country or state specific extensions. As an example, think what would be better for you – to be number 4 in Britain’s Google or to be number 40 in American Google?

It is not complicated to have a domain name that serves well for your visitors as well as for the search engines. The keyword tool will influence 90% of the success of your domain name; the rest will depend on how innovative and creative you are. The last refuge in case nothing helps you get the kind of domain name you want is the extension.

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