Facts About Urban Suits

by Victor Santerino

Urban styling changes the face of modern design in all its forms, suits are no exception. This type of suit creates another outlet for a man to express himself. However, it also gives the man another area of fashion knowledge that he needs to learn.

Reading this article will give you all the knowledge you need to decide whether an urban suit is right for you. You will learn the similarities and differences between these suits and more traditional suits. After this I will give you some example designers, and tell you where to find them.

Urban suits almost always come with the same basic mechanics of a formal suit. This suit will have buttons, lapels, pockets, and even shoulder padding. However, what defines the urban suit is how these parts are styled and laid out.

Differences to be explored are the characteristics used for each part of the suit. These suits are always more streamlined. Look for aggressive angles, softer shoulder pads, and an overall less bulky appearance.

The consumer on the prowl for a more urban looking suit should find a model with lean lapels, tight shoulders, and slit pockets. This consumer will want to match this type of jacket with a pair of pants that extend to the ankles without cuffs or pleats.

Michael Kors, Sean John, Perry Ellis, Steve Harvey, and Tommy Hilfiger all carry a wide variety of urban styles to choose from. Shoppers should stay away from classics like Botany 500 or Pronto Uomo.

These suits are harder to find at the retail level because they are not carried in many rural and suburban areas. Look to find this type of suit in larger cities like New York or Philadelphia. Otherwise you should check out the many different online vendors for some great bargains.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Use this knowledge to make your next purchase more fruitful than all of your other suit purchases combined.

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