Finding A Good Ecommerce Hosting Solution Provider

by Manuel Barreda

There are many things to think about when searching for an ecommerce hosting solution. We need to be sure that there will be little or no “down time” in the hosting servers and bandwidth can also be a concern if we want to be sure the servers won’t crash from any large surges of incoming traffic. Other things to keep aware of are domain registrations, how many page and domains are allowed within each account, quality of design, as well as advertizing concerns.

When searching for an efficient ecommerce hosting solution, the cost of the service can be one of the first of concerns that we think about, and for this reason many might turn to the use of free hosting companies. This can have its pros and cons, but when all is said and done, we usually find that these just aren’t created to be the best ecommerce hosting solution.

Domain registry and ad placement issues can be a huge problem, because these free hosting companies do offer you your own domain name, but generally this is with the name of the hosting company included in the name. What’s more is that they’ll usually post banner ads or perhaps contextual ad placements on your website regardless of you having a problem with this or not, in order to monetize your site for the hosting company’s financial benefit. Both of these problems can grossly interfere with the image you may wish to send out to the public with your website, especially if your site is for the purposes of business.

Also, template designs (the overall layout and look of your site) can be vastly limited as well. Then of course, you will have to generate traffic to your site, and these hosting companies generally leave you on your own to take on this grueling, time consuming task. Or, if you choose the quicker route, you can purchase pay per click advertizing which, while it can bring scores of visitors to your site within hours or even minutes, can cost you quite a pretty penny.

The most efficient ecommerce hosting solution however, wouldn’t be a free hosting service, but low cost hosting which offers simple domain registration, multiple domains, a simple, yet versatile means of website creation, unlimited pages, huge bandwidth, completely ad free (unless ads are placed on your site by yourself), and a quick and easy means of attracting large volumes of targeted traffic for no advertizing costs.

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