FortiVoice Call Reporting – provide them with useful information

Entrepreneurs who want to see real statistical data for their calling habits are looking to FortiVoice Call Reporting to supply them with valuable information to help to increase sales, productiveness, and efficiency. From knowing who is making the calls, who is taking the calls, to knowing how long and how much each call costs the business, this powerful application is an essential manager's tool for any business, irrespective of what the size.

While many companies depend on monthly telefone bills for general usage info, users of the FortiVoice Call Reporting software don't need to comb through a once per month bill, only to find obscure info and unspecific information. FortiVoice Call Reporting can be accessed at any time, right down to the hour or minute in question.

Unlike FortiVoice Call Reporting, conventional telefone bills only offer generic information regarding outgoing calls for any specific month. FortiVoice offers detailed info regarding both inward bound and outgoing telephone calls. Further info like where calls were transfered to, time placed on hold, calls that might have been lost, and even how many rings before a call was answered are all recorded in a straightforward to access and easy to comprehend application.

Consumers rave about the reports that can be generated utilizing the FortiVoice Call Reporting application. These reports offer entrepreneurs valuable features for billing purposes, as well as monitoring sales calls for categorical marketing campaigns and assorted other projects where each detail is vital. Express reports can actually be mechanically e-mailed to individual departments when required. Archive features mean that generated reports can always be accessed at a future time if they are needed for reference.

As with all FortiVoice products, FortiVoice Call Reporting is cheap and easy to use. Clients may be able to access the reporting system within a few short minutes of installation. The comprehensive software permits new users to follow easy steps in order to get things running with no headaches or delays. The best part is that FortiVoice Call Reporting is available for a free 2-week demonstration period.

We sell, install and provide support for FortiVoice, including the FortiVoice 200D-T Phone Systems, FortiVoice FortiFone FON-860i Phones and FortiVoice FortiCare Accessories. We offer free shipping and have a 30 Day Return Policy on systems.

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