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by thulas

On the other you have the risk of computer virus through communicating unsolicited messages. In 2003, President Bush signed the ‘Can Spam’ bill, in December of 2003 which is the first national standards around bulk unsolicited commercial e-mail. The bill was naturally approved and voted by the Senate by a vote 97 to 0 and in essence stops a sender from sending unsolicited bulk commercial emails using tools like dictionaries for generating such mailers and hiding their identities via false return addresses. An opt out provision is a must-have inclusion and the email can not carry any subject line which misdirects the recipient. The law bars senders from gathering addresses from sites and any violation is considered as a punitive criminal offence with imprisonment of up to one year.

A major point to ponder is that these days the there are various countries of origin for spam and they are larger in numbers. Because of their country of origin, these emails are difficult to fight. Because the Internet opens borders and thinks globally, these laws are fine and good, but do not stop the problem. So what do you do about this? Her are the top 5 Rules to do to protect from spam.

Number 1: Whatever you do, make sure that your email address is never there on the net. There are products called ‘spam spiders’ that search the Internet for email addresses to send email to. If you are one of those who wish to go deeper about the subject of ‘spam spider’ do a search with those words on the net – the results would leave you awe-struck. There is an interesting counter attack site called which is an open source project which fights ‘spambots’ and ‘spam spiders’ effectively because it simply sends them false web pages containing rubbish email addresses.

Number 2: Get spam blocking software. It is likely that you might want the professional series of this software but whatever you do, get the software as it could save you hours. It must be noted that the software is not capable of preventing all that is going wrong and some manual set up might be needed to block some specific types of emails.

Number 3: Start using various email addresses. There are several free email address you could choose from through which you could receive newsletters and have another address as a back up. Imagine giving your private mobile number to your friends and your business number to all others.

Number 4: One of the biggest problems with spam is the attachment which is an usual feature and these attachments could carry the viruses. But large companies use filters which sieve through spam and never allow them to reach you. Firewall vendors offer this type of services.

Number 5: Today email service providers are offering ‘bulk mail’ boxes. In case your existing service provider does not support this concept, try to switch to another vendor. The job is to let all the mails received from unknown people in a bulk email pile and then let it move into your circle. Spam Blocking software has this concept as well, but having extra layers seems critical these days, so it is worth looking into.

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