Get More YouTube Views and Take Your Business to the Next Level

To my surprise listening to the 15 famous acts that have had deals as a result of YouTube views, shows that the general public are seeking good talented individuals. I must confess that most of the acts actually have great potential in the future.

So here is why I think it makes good label sense to sign an artist that way because:

All you need to do is look at some of the top videos on YouTube to put that myth to bed. Most of the most popular videos on YouTube are low quality and unoriginal. So how did those people get their video that high? Simple, they paid for those views. They probably did not pay for all of them, but when they first started, you can almost rest assured that they did. Less than 5% of all YouTube videos get over 10,000 views, and less than 20% ever reach 500 views. By paying for views, you can reach as many people as you want, and the best part is that once your views start to go up, you get ranked in the YouTube search engine and even in the major Internet search engines. That means that you get organic, and paid for traffic.

One of the best options available with you is developing your own channel that has a niche specific page. Moreover, the channel should have appealing appearance. This would go a long way in helping you to get YouTube views. If someone watches your finding and finds it interesting and relevant, then there are more possibilities that your channel would be visited. In this way, all of your videos would have good chances of views. It would go quite fabulous if the visitor subscribes to your channel. Developing a channel is the best technique if you are looking for getting more exposure. This would not only enhance your popularity but also you would get more YouTube views for your videos.

Great attitude from the artist: When an artist sits down to think about a song, record it, put it on a social media site and then get their friends and enemies into a viral campaign frenzy they are beginning to show an aspect of entrepreneurship that must be admired. From the point of view of a label it will always be better to sign an artist who is hard-working than one that leaves all the work to the label, especially when you are running an independent outfit. You need the artist to be just as enthusiastic as you (the label) are in the promotion and opportunity creation process. One of the keys to success has to be the drive towards a desired goal. When a label meets a person that has talent and drive, the combination will be explosive, whether it will be with Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, or Avery!

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