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by Rice Robertson

What will be the address of my web page? Go to ‘My Profile’ and look underneath ‘Hunter’s Links’ to where it says ‘Link to My Profile’. This is your web page address.

I just registered but it still says ‘Unregistered Version’. What can I do now? First, try restarting the program and log in again. If you still see “Unregistered Version” in the top of the function screen, then contact us. Most likely there was a typo when filling out the registration screen and we can fix it.

hey,thanks 4 accepting.. how is america?? Droppin by to say whats up!! Hope all is well in your hood’. Let me know when you guys get a chance to come down and visit. Thank you for befriending me and visiting my myspace! Haha, God was off the hook in orchestrating these songs =0 Thank you for adding us to your friends list! We will be doing up our myspace the next couple days and doing some awesome things with our company! We’ll definately be keeping you all informed!!! Thanks again,Band support has so much to do with the TWLOHA story and the growth we’ve experienced from the beginning. You can post a banner on your MySpace, put TWLOHA in your Top Friends, post bulletins and blogs, talk about TWLOHA from the stage, tell your friends, etc.

How does Kiwee know who my MySpace friends are? After you provide us with your MySpace info (don’t worry, we have 100% guaranteed secure servers, see our Privacy Policy), Kiwee imports a list of all your pals, so that you can easily and effortlessly send them all (or just the deserving ones) a killer postCard in one fell swoop.To add a friend in NooZ you must connect to them in MySpace (other social networks to come!) and they must be registered for NooZ.

Can you hear me now? The past few days, a MySpace survey has been circulating among my friends. Typical questions include “What was your best month?” and “What will you remember 2006 for?” I filled it out, and I realized that the year didn’t pass as quickly as I thought it had. January seems like a long time ago. Things that weren’t in my life at the beginning of the year are now part of my daily routine, and things that I thought I couldn’t live without I don’t even think about anymore.We sent you an email when you created your cause, including some recomendations on how to promote the campaign. We recommend you send this email on to all your friends who’d be interested.

What Do I Do Once My Cause Has Been Created? Spread the word. You can forward emails with details of the cause and also start promoting the badge by putting it in your Myspace profile or adding it as a comment to your friendsPost pre-built voting banners on MySpace, Facebook, or any other website to have your friends vote for you! The more places you post banners the more votes you can receive! Post bulletins, send emails, post banners!A lot of that is up to you – and the skys the limit! Weve provided Word2U Messenger Spread the Word ads for you to place on your webpages, blogs, MySpace page and everywhere else on the web that your friends may be.

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