How to Choose a Good Web Host

by Chris Channing

Web hosting is the backbone of all websites, without web host companies, the internet be as diverse and vast. A web host company buys an amount of space, and then sells it to site owners for a set price. Generally these payments can be made monthly, yearly, or quarterly. Aside from paid hosting there is also free hosting.

Free web hosts are popular amongst people that are learning to build a site and want to make something quick and simple. Free web hosts rely on advertising and other methods to support their servers to allow free space for users. These ads can be tedious and annoying to certain users, but many do not mind them. Bandwidth limits are usually around 5MB or 1GB for some. Large sites should not use a free web host. To find a good free web host, choose one that meets the amount of space you need, and one that does not use too many ads.

Free hosts also have limitations on file sizes that you can upload and only certain files as well. Speed and reliability are also factors in the free web host decision. Sometimes free hosts have slow access rates, causing the site to be temporarily unavailable in some instances. This can cause lack of traffic. If you would like to find a reliable free web host, make sure you consider all of the factors listed above. They are out there, its just a matter of you finding them. Free web hosting is great for a number of things, so don’t be intimidated.

A good web host has a plethora of options available to suit all different types of users. If you have a video based site, a good web host should have options to support high bandwidth usage. Reputation is the most important factor in choosing a web host company. If they have a reputation of being unreliable, deceitful, or “scammers” run away fast.

If you have a small site, you should be able to purchase smaller packages through a good web host. A good web host will try to accommodate to a vast user base with different package sizes for everyone’s needs! If you run across problems with your site, you will want technical support. Since many companies do have tech support, but are closed on holidays or weekends, or after work hours, its important to find one that is open 24/7 365 a year.

All web hosts should be willing to answer your questions, if they ignore customer service emails, then that’s probably a bad sign. You will also want to look for a good host that can meet your needs for your site. If the host you have in mind cannot, you should find a different one. A good web host would be willing to refund you your money if you are unsatisfied, or if they mess something up on their part.

Closing Comments

There are several reputable and fantastic web hosts out there, do your research and find the one that meets your needs. Just because one person loves it, doesn’t meant that you will.

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