How Would You Like to Unravel Your Strings of Success?

by Jeanette Cates

If you have ever had a problem that you just couldn’t figure out about your online endeavors, there is a method that may help you find the answer. Unraveling the “strings of success” is that method. Close your eyes and watch the strings as you learn the theory behind this method.

1. Have you figured out the end result that you want? Maybe it is a giant subscription base, less support tickets, or a totally different website. For the sake of your business, how about saying expansive sales are your goal.

2. Using the expansive sales as the target you have set your sights on, ask the following question. “How will I accomplish getting more sales?” Your answer should be having a good system for following up with clients, getting noticed to attract more customers, and improved sales conversions.

3. When unraveling the subjects of your choice, what should you do if the topic you are interested in is “How do I get increased traffic to my website?” Good advertisements to peak the interest of the people who visit your site, optimal search engine exposure, and publicity for your site will all greatly improve it.

4. Using the subjects that you are acquainted with, unravel some more. “What should I do to add more links to my site?” A writer who can put out several more blogs, or more articles with links, or inundate it with directory links.

5. Continue the process that you have started unraveling about the subject. “What do I do to add more article links?” Recruit more writers, compose more articles, send them out to more people. The replies you give can be exact or covering a wider range. The main thing is to realize what is keeping you from having more traffic.

You can see the pattern. I generally use a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet and keep writing the links from one item to the next – making the string longer as it unravels. Eventually you will reach the point where you say I don’t need anything else except Action. And that’s where you start.

Unraveling is the easiest way there is to show you there may be a problem with your way of thinking or in the way you are handling the business end. Look at it this way, the longest strings are not getting the right amount of attention. The ones that are the shortest are the ones you can count on for results.

If something shows up in multiple strings, this could be an indication of a crossover in your system. It may be an unclear point for not only you, but your employees as well. It could be the way to finish one thing and lessen the length of a couple of strings.

When utilizing the unraveling method for your business, you are ready for the action phase at a much earlier date. In addition, you will have a map you can see of the process it takes to run your business.

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