I Was Excited To Find A Company Who Would Do Ecommerce Web Development

When I was given a new position as manager for a new and growing company, I could hardly believe that this company did not engage in any sort of online business, so I talked to my boss and told him that we ought to look into ecommerce web development. Of course, I couched this in much softer language and took some time doing research and getting some information that I could use to make my case without sounding insane to the elderly owner of the company.

As it turned out, my presentation on ecommerce web development went over pretty well, but I ended up getting put in charge of finding someone who could help us create and promote our website. This was a bit daunting for me, because even though I had learned how important a good website was for a company, I didn’t have any experience with designing or creating a website and didn’t know about any companies that did this.

I thought for my first step, I should call some of my old friends from my former job and ask if they knew what company we had used to design that website. After they heckled me for calling them for help, they finally got around to tracking down the name of the company that had made the website and passed it along to me.

I had been planning to shop around and get some different web design quotes before settling on one company, but after talking to this company, I was so impressed with the price they quoted as well as the level of service they offered, and I knew I wouldn’t find any better. As soon as I had talked with them, I started planning out a pitch that would impress my boss and show him that this would be a terrific move for our company.

My boss agreed with me, and soon I was able to be involved in the process of making an incredible website, and everything went wonderfully. When the website was ready I spent nearly two hours going through it and I was so impressed with the way it turned out, as it looked stylish and classy and really informed people about our company. I was so thrilled that when I finally showed it to my boss, I was gushing and my enthusiasm must have rubbed off on him, since he began to praise me and even gave me a little raise, promising me even more compensation if the website was a success.

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