If the subnet is different than the TalkSwitch Managment Software, you are going to need to change the IP

If you are about to install TalkSwitch Management Software and you find it the auto discovery can't be in a position to locate the TalkSwitch and it says “No TalkSwitch system detected”, do not be concerned. There are 2 simple steps to follow to troubleshoot the difficulty. This is likely to happen if you replace any network device such as a router which changes the IP address subnet on your local area network. The first step is to examine if there's an existing anti-virus software or firewall that has an effect on the connection between the software and your PC.

Under system IP settings there is a drop-down box, it'll either say “Obtain IP and DNS information automatically” or “Use configured IP and DNS information”.

If there is any, try and disable it first to proceed with the installing process. The second step is to connect the TalkSwitch device and your computer using a USB cable and TalkSwitch Management Software. Click on IP Configuration (on the left side under configuration menu and global settings).

If the subnet is different than the TalkSwitch you'll need to change the IP address of the TalkSwitch. After this is complete disconnect the USB wire and re?connect the TalkSwitch to your network. You may be able to connect through the software now after following these easy steps.

If it asserts “Obtain IP and DNS info automatically” simply secure that the network cable is firmly attached to the LAN port on the TalkSwitch Managment Software and connected to either your network router or to a switch and reboot the system by pressing the Power button off and on. Once totally booted up the Information light should be solid green and it should receive an IP address from a DHCP server on the network. If it says “Use configured IP and DNS information” this implies that it is using a statically allotted LAN IP.

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