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by Patrick G. Moore

Are you in the online business? Do you blog to earn money? If yes, I am sure you have many sites and blogs to maintain. Blogs especially are hard to maintain when you have too many of them and so to make things easier to manage, there are some blogging software that will be able to help you to manage all your blogs in one place.

There are so many blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress and I am sure you must have tried them to know which is better for your blogs. Of course the world knows that WordPress is suitable for serious blogging career and if you want to make more money, you will have to set up as many blogs as you can manage. WordPress allows you to install plugins which will make blogging easier although Blogger is easier to set up.

However, how do you find the right blogging software that will be able to help you maintain your blogs while at the same time do the marketing for you as well using the marketing features available?

Introducing Firepow, a blogging software that will solve all your problems. Yes, I mean all your problems in maintaining your blogs. You might have a few blogs and even hundreds of blogs and by keeping them under one roof, you will be able to monitor them easily.

Instead of having to sign in to hundreds of accounts, you can manage all your blogs with just one account at Firepow. It is fast and easy to set up. Thanks to Andrew Hansen, the man behind this great tool, we can all build a career in blogging the easy way.

When you have a blog, you want to have the search engine spider to crawl your blog and index your contents. At the same time, you would want to have more backlinks as well so you can climb higher in the Page Rank. When you have so many blogs you can never concentrate fully on each and every one of the blogs so Firepow helps to make it easier for you by using the h1 and h2 tag data for every post.

At the same time, you can use Firepow to submit to RSS automatically. If you want to promote your blogs, there is a feature using Yahoo Answers as the tool to get more backlinks to your blogs. Answer the questions and you will automatically leave a link there.

You get a built-in theme generator, plugins to install to your blogs, video integration in your posts and social bookmarking tools. In short, Firepow is the blogging software you need in order to make money from your blogs the easier way.

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