How to Make Your Blog’s Internal Linking Structure Better

Having a strong internal linking structure on your blog is important; the more neatly built your internal links are, the easier it will be for you to boost your position in the search engines. You will be able to build quality internal links with the advice provided in this article.

404 Pages and Links: There isn’t a person who likes stumbling on error pages, including your audience. You can make your error pages a positive experience for your audience, meaning that you can benefit from these pages. It is an excellent chance for you to send some more traffic back to the important pages of your blog by converting your 404 pages into user friendly pages. You can easily modify 404 pages in WordPress, redesigning them to suit you and including links. You simply need to open the 404.php file and change it by adding whatever you want, including links.

Make Things Easy to Find: You don’t want your readers having to go through an excessive number of links to get to the most important articles and posts on your blog. Users shouldn’t have to click more than twice to get to your most important pages, which is valid both for SEO reasons and to make users happy. Search engines have a preference for posts and articles that can be found easily from the main page.

Do not neglect the power of linking between pages even if they are not 100% related to each other. Most people place these cross links toward the end of their posts, and you can always do it at the bottom near the footer. What you want to do is encourage people to keep reading from one post to the next. The desired end result will be to keep visitors on your blog pages much longer.

So, that’s it! Simple advice that can be easily implemented to improve your internal linking structure significantly. Having relevant internal links is just as important as having lots of incoming links to your blog from other sources.

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