The Key to Financial Success through Blogging

by Christopher B. Marquis

While I don’t like sounding like a broken record, this is something so vital to the success of your business that it bears constant repetition.

According to a May 2008 report by, between the year 2007 and 2012, viewers of blogs will increase from an approximate 94 to 145 million.

That’s a 67% increase … Read that number again.

Look, I can go on for pages offering you business and professional tips, techniques, tactics, you name it, to increase wealth, to reach financial success, or to “make it big” as the saying goes. But when something so obvious comes along, so right, words simply don’t cut it.

You would be hard pressed to find anything else within the business world today where a projected increase of 67%, coupled with the assurance, that unless the world falls off from the shoulders of Atlas, then you can be damn well certain that it’s going to happen. Do you really NEED any other reason to start your own Blog right here, right now?

Think a minute about Yahoo! or Google.

Why is it that they have been so successful? They got into the field at the right time, just as the market was poised for rapid growth.

Again, that number was 67%… If that’s not enough to motivate you, I really don’t know what would be. You know how I am though – always pushing just a little bit more.

I’m going to tell you even more reasons why you need to start blogging – right now!

If you scour through the internet (as I’ve done for you) looking for the right material, correct and true facts, you’ll eventually land upon an excellent report researched and written by the Pew Internet and American Life Project in 2006. The subject was simple, yet very complex.

The study covered who was blogging, how they went about it and what they had accomplished with their blogging. The findings of this study were very interesting; I’ve pulled the most important facts from it for your elucidation here.

Here are 5 points culled from this report which illustrate the importance of starting a blog ASAP.

Point #1: INCREASING READERSHIP Around 8% of U.S. internet users (12 million) have a blog. 39% of U.S. internet users (about 40 million) read blogs. That’s a 5:1 ratio…and that ratio, as the report from eMarketer suggests, will likely increase.

Point #2: FOR THE MONEY? The most cited reason for running a blog (52%) is for creative reasons. Only 7% actually do it for the money. What does that tell you?

There is little competition, with so few bloggers in it for financial gain. There are a large number of successful blogs which you can emulate – in the interest of making money. What this all means is that while creativity sells, the creative types are rarely selling it. Learn from this – there is money to be made.

Point #3: EASY ON TIME Only about 10% of bloggers spend ten or more hours per week working on their blog.

This is something which should interest you. There are many popular blogs out there – and the bloggers behind them are not spending every waking moment to achieve this popularity. It may be far easier to run a blog and make money from it than you think. For a very small time investment, you could be taking in the easiest money you’ve ever made.

Point #4: SUBJECT MATTER The survey asked bloggers what they tend to write about. These were their answers: 37% write about their own lives. 11% write about issues of public interest. 7% focus on entertainment and niche topics such as sports, business, technology, hobbies, religion, etc.

If you want to maintain a large and growing readership, you have to let bloggers have the space they need for self expression. Internet users are looking for more than just content out of a blog; they want a personality and a face to go with it – remember this.

Point #5: DEMOGRAPHICS You need to know who your readership is likely to be before you start up your blog. You want to look at the largest demographic if your blog is a for-profit venture.

54% of bloggers are 30 or younger. Bloggers are evenly divided between the genders. More than 50% of bloggers live in suburbs rather than in cities. 60% of bloggers are white, 11% black, 19% English-speaking Hispanic, and 10% other.

So although the demographics certainly don’t rule out the fact that you should ALSO consider minority groups (race, age, gender) when creating your blogs, the point to understand is that you will want to focus upon the LARGEST demographic group for each category if you’re going to obtain a substantial (that is, rewarding) amount of readership.

Of course, the best blogs are those which appeal to everyone – every race, gender and age. That’s the goal. Broad appeal is the key to financial success through blogging.

There has been a lot of useful information and many good reasons given here for you to start up a blog right away.

Don’t hesitate – give it a go. It’s easy, fast and in MOST cases, doesn’t cost you a penny to start and run. Even better, as the facts suggest, the time won’t require too much from your day or week either. So what are waiting for? Need I say more?

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