The Most Horrifying Hair Cutting Stories

Horrifying hair cutting stories seem to be a part of everyone’s life story. They all typically begin innocently enough with a new salon, stylist, or perhaps an old stylist having an off day. Everyone loves the feeling of a new, fresh hair cut and the improvement it can make to an appearance. It is when something goes terribly wrong that we fall victim to being the center of one of these stories.

The most common complaint at the center of these stories involve stylists getting a little carried away with their scissors. The worst part about a bad cut is that once the hair is taken off, nothing can be done to put it back on. Typically, stylist can produce some time of style to work with the too short cut. Most of the time, these stories are not too bad, maybe just an inch shorter than requested, but there are horror stories like this one.

A specific story I was told involved a girl who had been growing her locks out for a few years. She went in to get a few inches trimmed off, but instead came out with closer to eight inches taken off. The stylist just simply did not listen to the client’s request. She combed through the tresses and made the dramatic cut that could not be undone before the client could even respond.

Other common complaints involve styles not appearing the same as requested by the client. An important fact to note is that not all styles will appear the same on every face shape. When this happens, it is not the salon or stylist’s fault. However, some of these situations involve cases where the stylist cut a style that in no way resembled what was requested.

A lady online reported a personal experience involving something like that. She talked with her stylist about wanting a layered, mid-length bob with side bangs. Some how there was miscommunication between the two ladies, and the customer was given a short, sleek bob with fringe bangs. This look did not flatter the customer’s face and was so short it could not be fixed.

So far all the stories have involved women, but men are just as susceptible to a bad day at the salon. Many of their tales involve a slip of the buzzer or an uneven cut. The bad thing for men is that their bad cuts are normally more dramatic to fix.

One gentleman recounted his day at the barber as never ending. This man is a member of the military and requested a simple high and tight style cut. He had been to this barber before and had confidence in the cut. When he came out, he was sporting uneven lines and ridge-like waves on top of his head. The only solution left to fix it was a buzz cut to the whole head.

Bad hair cutting stories like these are what makes customers cringe at the thought of trying a new salon. The bad thing is even an experienced stylist can have an off day. The best way a customer can look at situations like this is that it’s just hair and it will eventually grow back.

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