A Short Summary Of What Transpired During The Greek Persian Wars

Human history toward a civilized world tells the best war stories. These have been documented everywhere since the dawn of mankind. From the drawings on cave walls to a systematized way of writing. One of the more famous literary works that record these events from time in memorial are the different scriptures. These books are not only for spiritual nourishment, but more importantly they give a good picture of historical events.

Wars have always happened over the course of time that man has graced the earth. A notable one that is often taught in history class is the Greek Persian Wars. This happened around 499 BC. It all started when the Persians led by Cyrus the Great conquered a region in Greece called Ionia.

This was such an epic story that a movie adaptation was made about it, called 300. The Greek uprising against the Persian invasion started when Anatolia rebelled and fought back. Unfortunately, Greece lost this battle but was able to forewarn Athens and Eretria.

Since Persia was already able to conquer many kingdoms, it was easy for them to increase the number of their forces. But this would also have made tactical training and strategy difficult. Greece, did not have this advantage but they highly valued strategy which placed them at an advantage. During a battle in Plataea, there were 6,400 Persians lost in battle while there were only 192 Greeks lost.

Persia decides to attack again 10 years after their loss in Plataea. During that battle they were lead by Cyrus the Great, this time his successor Xerxes, leads the forces. They were notorious for being very rich and lavish and since by then they had already conquered a lot of other places.

You can tell that Persia was not invested in the tactical methods of war. When they were heading to one of the battles their soldiers suffered from losses while they advanced slowly. Greece at the time handed the command for the army to Sparta.

The fight lasted for about three days at a place near the see while Persia tried to spring a surprise attack at the Greek fleet. Greek was well informed and attacked the main fleet instead. Luckily for Greece, their soldiers were already at the port when a bad storm strike. Persia lost a squadron from the same storm.

After a battle that happened for two days in Thermopylae the Persians were on the losing end. Greece was about to win the war but a traitor tried to turn the tables around. This traitor suggested that the Persian army go behind the route the Spartans were going to take. General Leonidas from Sparta was wise enough to let the army go back home to safety after the battle in Thermopylae, leaving only a few to fight the surprise attack.

Despite the loss of Persia during this ambush, they were still able to push through with invading Athens and burning it down. There was not many casualties since the evacuation was efficient. At this same event, a battle of fleets was happening in a strait. This was led by Themistocles who used the narrowness of the strait against the opponent making them win that war.

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